Creative Biolabs Gets Ready to Assist Complement Therapeutics Development Against COVID-19

January 27 23:45 2021
At present, the COVID-19 drug discovery is increasingly urgent and necessary. As one of the world-leading experts in biotechnology, Creative Biolabs has a well-known reputation for its professionalism in development services of complement therapy and is innovatively putting an eye on the potential of complement therapy.

New York, USA – January 27, 2021 – The research on the complement system by the immunologist and microbiologist from Belgian, Jules Bordet, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1919, began in 1889. Nowadays, the complement system has been a brand-new “target family”, and related international research and development progress is in full swing.

With cutting-edge platforms and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs now can provide comprehensive laboratory and manufacturing services in the field of complement therapeutics, including therapeutic antibodies discovery, soluble complement regulators discovery, serine protease inhibitors discovery, complement component inhibitors discovery, anaphylatoxin receptor antagonists discovery, etc.

Recently, scientists have discovered that mutations in complement, coagulation activity, and coagulation genes are related to the severity of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and the development of related therapies targeting the complement system is also an effective strategy for the treatment of COVD-19. 4 targets in the complement system, C5a, C3, C5 and C5aR, have all been studied, and Creative Biolabs is ready to help accelerate related research.

• Drug Development Service for C5a

Once complement pathways are activated, complement component 5a (C5a) and complement component 5b (C5b) are generated. C5a is a product of complement cascade reaction with multiple biochemical and immunological properties, as well as a potential target for a range of inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and tumors.

With accumulated experience in complement therapy development, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive custom solutions and services for the development of C5a inhibitors, including monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, bioactive peptides, aptamers.

• Drug Development Service for C5

Complement component 5 (C5), the fifth component of complement, is playing an important role in inflammatory and cell killing processes. Several anti-C5 antibodies have already been successfully developed for various diseases.

Scientists at Creative Biolabs have long been devoted to the drug development for C5. The well-established drug discovery platform can facilitate related research by supporting drug design, expression, analysis, screening, and so on.

In addition to standard or custom services, to facilitate customers and save time, some related products are also available at Creative Biolabs, covering recombinant anti-C5a/C5 antibodies, recombinant C5/C5a proteins, complement C5a/C5 peptides, C5a/C5 ELISA kits, validated C5a inhibitor (PMX-53).

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About Creative Biolabs

With an unrelenting drive in the biotechnology research area, Creative Biolabs has organized professional Ph.D.-level research teams experting in the field of complement therapeutic development, to work closely with each other to provide services and products ranging from therapeutic antibodies, soluble complement regulators, complement activation products, complement component inhibitors, protease inhibitors to anaphylatoxin receptor antagonists.

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