The Newest OGUARD Smart Electric Toothbrush – Valentine Day Special Offer

February 09 01:30 2021
“This is not just a toothbrush but love.” $36.99 with $10 coupon. (was $49.99)

What is love?

A boy adores a girl who is pretty, gentle, giving, sexy, wonderfully intelligent and wonderfully silly as well. And this boy wants nothing else in the whole life than to laugh with the girl and to share every moment with the girl. It is love.

Everyone wants to give the most perfect smile to the loved one! Let’s explore a smart way for brushing the teeth.

The OGUARD Smart Electric Toothbrush is the one for everyone, and it’s on sale right now for $36.99 with $10 coupon. Simple core material optimization of the electric toothbrush has been far behind the market’s demand. The electric toothbrush urgently needs the rapid development from electric 1.0 to intelligent 2.0.

What is intelligent 2.0 toothbrush?

OGUARD Smart Electric Toothbrush provides the most proper way to clean the teeth. OGUARD pioneered to combine high-precision position recognition sensors, pressure sensors, and electric toothbrushes. With more digital features, the first S501 smart electric toothbrush is invented.

A research by American Dental Association (ADA) found that each tooth in different tooth surface should be cleaned in different direction. The SMART mode is designed under the guidance of dental experts. The first UAV-level identification system for position detection will let users never miss any part while brushing the teeth. At the same time, the AI can recognize the shake amplitude, the toothbrush could be turned off by shaking it.

Besides, CLEAN, SENSTIVE and WHITE modes can meet all the needs of users. Only the professional function and not hurting the gums are the priorities of OGUARD. This toothbrush has comfortable strength setting, moderate bristles and excellent cleaning effect. After cooperating with a number of dental hospitals, OGUARD Smart Electric Toothbrush is recommended by professional dentists.

This toothbrush is equipped with 8 DuPont brush heads which can last for more than two years. The brush bristles contain silver and zinc ions, which is soft and sterile to ensure the health. What’s more, the excellent-quality travel case can effectively prevent the electric toothbrush from being scratched.

Will such a powerful electric toothbrush consume electricity very quickly?

Don’t worry! The endurance of OGUARD toothbrush is top one in the market. It has a super long battery life, which could be used for 150 days after six-hour charging. Don’t be worried about the battery or forgetting the charger on the trip. When the battery goes low, the LED indicator will turn red. The design of charging via data cable connection without base makes charging easy and convenient.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the OGUARD Smart Electric Toothbrush. The set, including brush, travel case, and extra 8 brush heads-which usually runs $49.99 – is available at this moment for only $36.99 with $10 coupon!

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