Family Choice Healthcare Launches New Website to Better Serve Customers

February 22 16:17 2021

Family Choice Healthcare Launches New Website to Better Serve Customers

Family Choice Healthcare (FCH) is pleased to announce the launch of its new community-centered website. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned many families’ minds towards in-home care options for their elderly loved ones. FCH’s new website is designed to make the process of exploring these options as seamless and stress-free as possible.

FCH’s new website offers detailed answers to the questions that many families have about the care options available through FCH. It clarifies the difference between similar-sounding care options, and explains the process of choosing a personal care assistant. The website also offers resources to help readers learn the terminology of the in-home care industry. Demystifying the language used can help families make better decisions. In addition, FCH’s new website discusses the options for families and caregivers exploring private pay for in-home care. Whether families are turning to private pay due to insurance limitations or other reasons, FCH wants to make the options as clear and accessible as possible.

As a global pandemic continues to wash around us, in-home care allows the elderly and vulnerable to remain safe and protected at home. They can be well cared for without the isolation experienced by people in other care situations. However, the world of in-home care can be confusing and stressful to navigate for the uninformed. FCH wants to take some of that stress off the shoulders of families and caregivers by providing detailed accurate information.

Family Choice Healthcare has met the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, striving to go above and beyond in protecting the safety of its clients and caregivers, all while continuing to offer quality care to its many clients. During these challenging times, FCH’s new website is one more step towards serving and protecting the community. It offers accurate information, clear decision-making guidelines, and candid resources for families and caregivers. FCH hopes that this information will allow families to focus on what’s best for their loved ones.

Family Choice Healthcare is a non-medical home healthcare agency serving clients in the mid-Atlantic region. Founded by Steve and Kym Taylor in 1996, FCH brings high-quality, compassionate personal care assistance to the ill, elderly, and homebound. FCH’s goal is to see each client and family thriving as they experience the peace of mind that comes from the careful compassionate care of FCH’s personal care attendants.

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