Chill AC Reviews – Detailed Report On Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Conditioner

July 01 01:23 2021

This Chill AC review talks about a mini portable air conditioner that can be used in apartments and dorms according to the customer’s convenience. Having a personal portable air conditioner is far better than setting up a huge costly air conditioner. It is most comfortable to use in children’s rooms, study rooms, or in a reading room.

Chill AC Reviews – A Mini Portable Air Conditioner Device!

Chill AC is the most coldest and popular mini air conditioner available in the market. In this Chill Ac review, everything you should know about the working, benefits, pros, cons, legitimacy, price, and availability have been discussed in detail. Let us go through everything one by one.

Chill AC Reviews

Product Name Chill AC
Specification Mini air conditioner
Main Benefits Reduce the hotness you experience day and night.
Battery hours 3-5 hours
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Charging method Charged from a USB port using a charging cable
Noise noise-free
Flexibility 3 fan speed setting with an adjustable louver
Availability 7- color light
Price $89.00
Money-back Guarantee 30 days
Official Website Click Here

What is Chill AC?

As mentioned above, Chill AC is the popular, smallest, and coldest air conditioner in the world. A proper, cool environment is what we need to work, study, and relax as well. The environment we occupy also influences our mood or emotions because hotter surroundings can easily make us feel stressed or angry.

This is why we need the Chill AC to keep us calm and cool. This can be carried easily as it is lightweight when compared to the typical air conditioners you use. Moreover, it does not need electricity to work because it uses a battery in it which can be charged using a small power pack and stored for a long time. Using this Chill AC, one can transform a room into a chilly oasis. 

Chill AC is a four-in-one device that serves the purpose of a humidifier, air cooler, aroma diffuser, and air cleaner. Chill AC includes a humidifier, which keeps the air moist when it gets too dry. Using a humidifier is beneficial in dry weather.

In addition, a special water curtain filter cleans the air and removes dust and contaminants from the surrounding area before blowing out cold air. The aroma diffuser allows spreading a smooth aroma in the surroundings.

How does Chill AC work?

Unlike other air conditioners, you do not need full-time power backup for the functioning of air conditioners. All you need is water and a little energy to keep the cooler stay cool for five hours. Chill AC is supported by a battery that can be recharged at regular intervals, so it doesn’t require a power source or wiring.

On a single recharge, the battery can last for 5 hours so it does not need to be charged frequently. By adding water to the tank and starting the humidifier, it makes the air in each room healthier and more comfortable. Chill AC makes it easy to purify, cool, and moisturize the air around you.

With this portable air conditioner, you can create a more efficient, comfortable, and personal environment. It also comes with a 7- color light setting which allows the user to create different moods at night.

Chill AC working

Benefits of Chill AC

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has many benefits which include:

  • Customized cooling – Chill AC offers customized cooling modes for students who would want to have a cold room or just a comfortable atmosphere. Because everybody can’t adjust to the same temperature, therefore it provides three comfort settings for customized cooling.
  • Control fins – The adjustable fins in the portable air conditioner allow the airflow to any direction you need, even if it is placed in a tight space. One can avail the cold air to any up or down direction without any difficulty.
  • Wireless – Chill AC is a wireless device so that is easy to handle and carry. The user does not need to panic about the tangles cords or wires.
  • Rechargeable – Power supply is necessary for many electronics to work but this Chill AC needs a small battery pack that works for 3 to 5 hours in a single recharge. It has a high capacity battery of 2000mAh which can be charged from a USB port using a charging cable that comes with the product. 
  • Easy to use – You don’t need to be a technician to operate the device. You can simply pour some water into space for filling and turn it on. You will get a cool breeze in any of the three comfort levels.  
  • Occupy less space – Arctic Air Pure Chill AC does not need wide space like a normal air conditioner. You can keep this on a table, or even on a chair. It has a height similar to a big class and a width of a mouse pad.
  • Noise-free –  Though it is small, it does not create any noise or disturbances when it is turned on. One can enjoy a peaceful, relaxed sleep and mind in a cool atmosphere.
  • Saves electricity – This mini portable air conditioner takes an amount of energy similar to that of an electric fan, which is very less than what a normal ac takes.
  • Filters air – While cooling, the easy to clean air filter in the Chill AC also is capable of cleaning the air in the surroundings. Thus, it saves anyone prone to allergies and also prevents air-borne diseases.
  • Maintains humidity – The portable ac cools the atmosphere and adds humidity to the surroundings. This offers great relief for people who have skin dryness, sinuses as it keeps the surroundings moist and healthy.
  • Lightens mood – During the night, the use of seven color lightings helps in setting different moods along with cooling effects.
  • Cashback guarantee – Chill AC also provides 30 days money-back guarantee to the customers, in case if they are not fully satisfied with the product.

Chill AC benefits

Why use Chill AC?

The best part of this Chill air conditioning unit is that it fights against the summer heat by producing cool air continuously. It is a powerful mini air conditioning system that is, lightweight, cheap and amazing for being extremely quiet.

As mentioned in the Chill AC review, This Chill AC is one of the most effective and affordable solutions to reduce the hotness you experience day and night. Moreover, it saves energy, works efficiently, does not produce any harmful gases, and easy to maintain as well. It is very difficult to get a product like Chill AC for such a small amount.

Pros and cons of Chill AC


  • It is economical.
  • Chill AC is very easy to use and maintain.
  • No need for a continuous power supply.
  • Consume less energy.
  • Instant and better-cooling effect than an electric fan.
  • Do not make any unwanted noise.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • No tangled wires as it supports USB charging.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Serves four in one purpose. 


  • It is difficult to operate if the battery doesn’t work.
  • Chill AC is available only on the official website.

Chill AC components

Is Chill AC legit?

Yes. Chill AC offers a 30 days cash back guarantee to the customers in case of any dissatisfaction (which is very unlikely to happen). Moreover, it does not give you added expenses or additional charges because it is cost-effective, saves electricity, and can be maintained easily.

Chill AC customer reviews and complaints

Customers have not reported many complaints about Chill AC whereas many have given positive feedback and five-star reviews. The customers have also praised the device for the comfort it offers and for the efficient functioning it delivers within the limitations. You can check and read the Chill AC customer reviews on the official website.

Chill AC customer Reviews

Chill AC Price & Availability

Chill AC device comes in five different packages. This includes five portable ac units for $55 each, four ac units for $63 each, three ac units for $69 each, two ac units for $85 each, and one portable ac unit for $89. The packages including 3, 4, and 5 units do not have any shipping charge.

  • Most recommended package of 3 ac units – $69 each + Free shipping.
  • Pack of 4 portable ac units – $63 each + Free shipping.
  • Pack of 5 portable ac units – $55 each + Free shipping.
  • Pack of 2 portable ac units – $$85 each.
  • Pack of 1 portable ac unit – $89 each.

The customer can avail the advantage of lifetime protection and replacement for the product for $14.95. You can also get a priority shipping facility along with the lifetime protection advantage.

Though the device comes in different packages, it is always recommended to buy the pack of 3 portable units, as it is more economical and useful for the customer. Chill Ac recommends the user to buy it from the official website to avoid monetary loss and to avail of the offers as well.

Chill AC Reviews – Final Advice

The typical wall-mounted air conditioners consume more electricity which results in long electricity bills. As said already in Chill Ac review, Chill AC is the coolest and most economical way to deal with the heat of summer. This portable mini air conditioner uses less electricity, so you can cut down on your electricity bill.

Most importantly, the portability of this Chill AC saves a lot of money. You don’t need to install it in a particular room in the house, as you can easily take this portable Chill AC with you wherever you go. The compact design and lightweight ensure a seamless transformation of the air conditioner, allowing the users to keep it fresh throughout the day.

Click Here To Order The Chill AC From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)


  • How long can I use Chill AC?

You can use it all day long – day and night, after charging it.

  • What kind of battery can be used?

You can use a 2000 or 3000 mAh battery which can be charged using a portable charging wire. 

  • Is Chill AC legit?

Yes, Chill AC is legit and it offers a 30 days cash back guarantee.

  • Can I buy Chill AC from Walmart?

No. Chill AC is available online only on the original website of Chill AC and cannot be availed from Walmart or any other shops.

  • Can I use Chill AC in the kitchen?

Yes, you can use Chill AC in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house.

Click Here To Order The Chill AC From The Official Website (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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