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July 07 23:20 2021

Choosing a company that specializes in providing solutions for rollers, conveyors, conveyor systems, etc. can be a daunting task. When choosing a deployment unit, no one can be sure that the unit they choose is really reputable to trust and invest a huge amount of money. Businesses often wonder about the level of quality they receive and whether the system after installation is really effective and durable. However, some companies deploying conveyor systems, conveyor belts have proven their capabilities to thousands of customers. One such unit is Intech Group.

Intech Group specializes in designing conveyor systems, conveyor belts for factories, enterprises and manufacturing enterprises with good quality and cost savings. This is a reputable unit for any factory or business that wants to install a conveyor system to optimize production efficiency. With more than 10 years of experience in implementation, Intech Group has quickly risen in the ranks and is now one of the biggest names in Vietnam in deploying and installing conveyor systems, rollers, and conveyor systems, etc.

Currently, Intech Group is a pioneer in automation solutions with professional systems such as:

  • Conveyor system

  • Conveyor system

  • Packing machine

  • Roller system

  • Assembly line

About Intech Group

Vietnam Industry and Technology Group Joint Stock Company (INTECH GROUP) – Belongs to Intech Holdings. This is a leading company in Vietnam providing Conveyors, Conveyors, Rollers, Roller Conveyors, Smart Conveyor Systems, advanced, cost-effective industrial automation systems and solutions, our products are standardized through years of research and development, products are thoroughly tested from fabrication to assembly and testing.

Intech Group – The leader in automation, industry and technology in Vietnam. With modern equipment, along with a team of highly specialized engineers, professional production managers, Intech Group brings high-quality products, fast delivery schedule and competitive prices, so we are many major domestic and foreign partners to choose from.

Our products apply the standards of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and are strictly inspected at each stage in the production process;

Intech Group – Leading supplier of Conveyor, Roller, Factory automation solutions.

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