COOLPO – The All-in-One 360° Intelligence Conference Camera

July 28 02:52 2021

Virtual online meetings have become necessary and universal, as remote working becomes more and more common. Not only does it help workers maintain a better work-life balance, but it is also a boost to productivity. Productivity issues cost companies an estimated 1.8 trillion dollars per year. Therefore, with an intelligent conference product to improve the online meeting experience, one can derive high productivity and save dispensable costs.

Imagine having an intelligence conference product studded with the newest artificial intelligence features enabling both visual and audio detection, PANA includes an exceptional 4K resolution 360° camera coupled with 4 smart microphones, and an all-surrounded speaker. This portable device makes it easy for teams to work together wherever they are by creating an immersive conference environment everywhere.

Suffered from disconnected video calls, limited visual angle of laptop camera, large teams often have trouble running online meetings smoothly and communicating completely. Best suited for collaborative space of up to 15 people, PANA goes ahead to capture crystal clear images of facial expressions and body language of meeting participants, to eliminate information loss brought by traditional online meetings By showing the whole conference room and tracking faces of current speakers in a split-screen, Pana lets you see and hear everything, makes you feel like in the same meeting room. The automatic motion detection technology allows participants to better focus in the meeting instead of figuring out who’s speaking at the moment.

Weighted about 2.6lbs with a compact design, the AI huddle Pana is portable for a variety of occasions, allows you to set up your intelligent conference room at any place. When you bring this smart conference system to other places except for quiet meeting rooms, here comes another problem: noise, which strongly affects the quality of communication. Embedded with noise reduction technology, together with 4 smart microphones that can cover an expanse of 15 feet and a 75 x 120mm, 360° speaker, the voice quality and volume produced by Pana is incredible.

So the person on the other end of the line doesn’t need to endure unnecessary noise that can often hinder video chats when using a speakerphone.

Unlike the traditional huddle room camera, which has a complicated hardware and software installation process. New launched assistant software Coolpo Tools could provide camera parameter adjustment, split-screen selection, and block area setting. The software could be upgraded through the software package provided by the official website, the timely update will provide a better interactive experience.

Plus its universal compatibility with leading video conference platforms such as zoom, google hangout, Webex, etc, and ease of use with simple USB plug-and-play, PANA would be the best cost-effective choice for remote workers that require high-quality online conferences.

Conclusively, with all excellent functions in one device, Coolpo brings the video conferencing game to a whole new level at a purse-friendly price, which is great progress that makes innovation technology reachable for the general public.

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