Smart Doge – a community driven project with a wide range of benefits

August 05 00:05 2021

Human Technology has evolved right from the Stone age to this present moment,we have seen so many advancements in technology. Man has developed artificial intelligence (A.I) that outsmart human reasoning and can perform more tasks than humans in the shortest possible time but never has man been able to develop an animal that can outsmart him and perform more tasks than man. How would you react if you were told or get to know that the little puppy sitting in your backyard is actually smarter than you?

One of the breakthroughs in man’s technology is the advent and development of the blockchain, this makes it possible for some smart group of individuals to develop a meme coin that really outsmart you, it is called SMART DOGE.

Smart Doge is a community driven project that is built on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) with a smart mechanism that brings benefit to holders, ensures sustainable development as well as being empowered by deflation mechanisms to support the increase and sustainability of price.

Smart Doge has one of the unbearable uniqueness in the crypto space which gives it an edge over its contenders and competitors. Some of it uniqueness include but not limited to the following:

1) Smart Doge Swap: One problem facing every new token is the lack of market place where such token can be exchanged for another coin, hence Smart Doge had project this problem and went ahead and develop a swap built on the Binance blockchain where smart Doge can be swap to other coin of choice,this eradicate the fear of a market place where the exchange of smart doge can take place.

2) Community Driven: From research,it has been proven that token what are community driven has higher chance at success because the people are the one behind the project and trust us, we have our community of holders who are willing to hold and not sell for peanut price thereby increasing the demand and invariably affecting the price positively.

3) 10% Deflation per Transaction: How would you feel that on every transaction going on 10% of the token transfer are deflamed? This reduces both the total supply and circulating supply which would increase the scarcity of smart doge and there are investors who are looking to invest in a low supply of coin, which will open doors for huge and more investors which would cause an increase in price.

4) Smart Stakers: Did you remember Bitcoin Pizza day? What comes to your mind is a foolish man who sold huge numbers of Bitcoin back then for pizza all because Bitcoin wasn’t worth much then. You don’t want to like that, hence Smart Doge already has a staking platform in place which can help you generate more Smart Doge while you relax and watch it grow while you feel comfortable. Instead of leaving your Smart Doge in your wallet living dormant or selling it for pizza price, why not be a smart stake?

I know you are smart but what if you have a token that is smarter than you won’t you be smart enough to invest and expect a smarter profit? Only the smart one will choose Smart Doge, be Smart today and invest in Smart Doge that is smarter than you.

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