An inspirational story of BWP Production, a remarkable media company

January 17 23:56 2022
Based in Pakistan, BWP Production is a media company that strives to spread the latest educational and moral-based short films to global viewership. BWP Production’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Shehroz Ashraf shares the success story of how the company scaled to this level of accomplishment.

Bahawalpur, Pakistan – In this epoch of knowledge and information, Shehroz Ashraf has created BWP Production. Shehroz Ashraf, a creative content creator, is the man behind Pakistan’s biggest moral-based media company. He had early success on Facebook and Instagram, as many of his short films went viral on Facebook as well as on Instagram. His online presence and content are quite popular among the masses and learned youth of Pakistan. He aims to deliver informative and meaningful messages through short films.

Shehroz Ashraf is a graduate of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, where he obtained a gold medal in bachelor in Media Studies. He created the BWP Production YouTube channel on 28th November 2017. The channel that started as an entertainment channel, now delivers the best ethical messages through heart-touching and mind-captivating short films. The channel was started when Shehroz was studying at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. He invited some of his friends to join hands in this creative venture. After a few years of effort, BWP Production has scaled to deliver its quality content all over the world.

BWP Production soon experienced massive success on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, when the Founder and CEO, Shehzroz Ashraf decided to shift the theme of the channel from funny videos to informative short films that depict the society of Pakistan. Some of the short films produced by BWP Production include “Ghareeb ka bhala” (Poor vs Rich), “Don’t judge anyone by their cover”, “Daughter of a rich person”, and many more. These short films deliver a moral message in their stories thus educating the viewers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Through short films, BWP Production motivate the youth with innovative ideas and social dilemmas. The purpose to build is not only entertainment but to also sharpen the ethical knowledge to abate challenges of this evolving world. BWP Production strengthens the youth’s role and responsibilities by removing obstacles through positive content. The Commence is to prepare youth for the future challenges.

Upon his tremendous success, Shehroz Ashraf received the Silver Play button from YouTube. This Silver Play button was received when the subscribers crossed the 100K mark. The success of this YouTube channel can be seen by the fact that various social media pages started linking BWP Production’s short films.

While talking about the success of BWP Production, Shehroz says: “There is no shortcut to having success overnight. Whatever you do, you must be persistent in your life. The success will definitely come to you. One more thing, do not run behind money or fame, run behind the knowledge and skills and polish yourself in your communication style. Definitely, what you want will come to you. It’s all about working hard! And never cheat on yourself nor to anyone else.”

About BWP Production:

BWP Production is a website and a YouTube channel run by Mr. Shehroz Ashraf. The platform delivers informative and moral-based videos. The channel experienced massive growth as a result of the team’s hard work and consistent efforts.

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