Wellington College Tianjin offers bilingual kindergarten, international middle school and high school for pupils aged 2 to 18

January 26 19:04 2022

As one of the best international schools in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin offers British education for pupils aged 2 to 18 based upon the British National Curriculum, it includes an bilingual kindergarten, an international middle school, an international high school, IGCSE and A-Level programmes. To study in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin will be your best choice!

Bilingual Kindergarten

Wellington College bilingual nursery – the Nest – offers the very finest all-around early years’ education in Tianjin. Children from 2 years of age are provided with a structured, rigorous programme, designed to develop the essential skills required to flourish in the 21st Century world. Wellington pupils are not just helped to foster positive relationships with others through socialisation and play-based learning, but also to grow their own sense of independence within a safe and nurturing environment. In addition, with two teachers in each class, each committed to a vision of genuine bilingualism, the pupils all immersed in the cognitive and social advantages that come from proficiency in two or more languages.By the time children in the Nest graduate to Year 2 in Wellington’s Junior School, therefore, their path through education will have prepared them for the rigours of the new curriculum as well as provide them with the tools to succeed in their schooling.

Wellington College International Tianjin

International Middle School

As an international middle school in Tianjin, Wellington’s Junior School educates children aged from 6-11 years within a bespoke educational programme, combining the core tenets of the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). There is a particular emphasis on stretching and challenging pupils in maths and English. Whilst the core curriculum is that of the English National Curriculum, the IPC provides a thematic thread which draws in global themes and perspectives, thus ensuring that it is a consistently international programme of study for the pupils. Pupils are guided through their learning by classroom teachers and subject specialists, notably in music, PE, Mandarin and, increasingly, information technology and science. As with pupils at all stages of a Wellington education, the educational experience is underpinned throughout by the school’s core values of respect, kindness, responsibility, integrity and courage, helping to prepare young people for a world beyond school.

Wellington College International Tianjin

International High School

Wellingtonians graduate at the age of 18 years as confident, independent and resilient young people. This is the result of their journey through our educational programme, combining a determination to achieve the best examination results possible, but also reinforcing the essential skills needed to thrive in the wider world. Whether it is in the classroom, or on the sports’ field, on the stage or whilst engaged in service projects across our wider community, Wellington pupils receive an all-round education designed to help them flourish as global citizens. Their examination qualifications – International GCSE and A Levels – arm pupils with some of the most prestigious academic awards anywhere in the world and provide a clear pathway to the world’s top universities.

Wellington College International Tianjin

A Level

A Level examinations are taken at 18 years of age, after a two-year course of study, and admission to universities across the world is largely dependent upon gaining top grades in these exams. In China, as across the world, A Levels are regarded as the gold standard for post-16 qualifications; they offer genuine academic rigour and challenge by allowing students to dig deeper into their chosen fields of study. The choice of three or four main subjects over a two-year course may seem odd to families used to the IB Diploma (IBDP), Gaokao or AP programmes, all of which encourage breadth of study rather than placing the emphasis on depth. In this way, the A Level, with its unashamed emphasis on academic subjects, mirrors the ways of learning at universities. Recognising that most students at universities across the world will major in one, at most two, subjects, A Levels are designed to give teachers and students the chance to burrow deeper into the subject material, a prospect that the broader post-16 qualifications cannot hope to achieve. Students are also given an excellent grounding in the forms of teaching they will experience at university, with the emphasis placed on developing research skills, fostering an explicit expectation that the best learners will go beyond the curriculum to examine new and exciting concepts and ideas as part of their preparation for university.

An A Level programme is not simply an exam factory, however. It encourages a wide range of genuinely optional subject choices. In this way, children preparing for a career in medicine, for example, can look to specialise in the core subjects they will need for admission to university – chemistry, maths, biology and physics are typically included in this scenario. At the same time, the open choice available in the A Level programme allows others to focus on specific talents, such as art, music, design and PE, or a language arts/humanities-rich programme of geography, history, economics and English. By allowing students to pursue their particular areas of strength, A Levels help to provide further intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Mandarin Chinese

As a core subject of both the Junior and Senior school curriculum at Wellington College Tianjin, Mandarin Chinese is taught to every pupil from pre-nursery to year 9 and is available as an optional subject in years 10-13 for IGCSE and A level.

Wellington believes that children thrive in language acquisition as a result of their aptitude being duly recognised and encouraged by their teachers. Therefore, an early start in learning Mandarin as with all the other languages will give children the best possible start.

Mandarin in the Nest is geared at immersing children in a learning experience that is both entertaining and inspiring. Children gain an overall perception of the language in a fully bilingual environment.

As an international school in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin caters for the inevitable difference in learners’ competence in Mandarin by arranging separate lessons for native and non-native speakers. The latter is further differentiated into foundation, intermediate and advanced level. A placement test at the beginning of each school year determines the most suitable set for individual pupils. At the same time, Wellington College Tianjin uses the Wellington Mandarin Proficiency Grade Description system to assess and track the developing language level of pupils. As a child’s language level changes, her/his set may be changed accordingly. When setting targets, Wellington College Tianjin makes sure that they allow for the different needs of the learners. All pupils from year 2 are streamed into appropriate sets and levels, according to their prior Mandarin learning background or placement test results.

The Mandarin Chinese curriculum in the Junior School is academically rigorous and provides wide-ranging opportunities for pupils, both for non-Mandarin and Mandarin speakers. Each Key Stage has different programmes specifically designed to accommodate an increasing cognitive level in between the age groups. Mandarin in years 7-9 is consistent with the Junior School programmes and provides a systematic course which can further prepare pupils for public examination courses.

In years 10-11 of this Tianjin international school, CAIE IGCSE Foreign Chinese, Second Language and First Language Chinese examination courses are provided. In years 12 and 13, pupils will be advised to take appropriate courses in Mandarin according to CAIE A level or Edexcel A level options, teacher recommendations and the College’s provision.

Chinese culture is taught within the programme with elements integrated into other areas of the curriculum. In addition, in order to deepen a child’s understanding of local culture and practise independent learning skills, Wellington College Tianjin also provides the year 7-9 pupils with a weekly Chinese culture lesson. Pupils can also use Chinese culture weeks, trips, and drama, as well as the Chinese magazine, Chinese debate competition, Mandarin After School Activities and other opportunities, to improve their understanding of language and culture more widely.

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