An ambiguous yet aesthetic writer | Anjolina Chatterjee – Spectrum India, 2022

April 19 15:40 2022
An ambiguous yet aesthetic writer | Anjolina Chatterjee - Spectrum India, 2022
Anjolina Chatterjee – Spectrum India, 2022
This is Anjolina Chatterjee, an engineering student and an aspiring writer. She believes writing is just an escape from the worldly chaos of life and – “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Hey, so here we are to know about a girl’s story of how she thought of becoming a writer right from the scratch – from a time when nobody had faith that she could do something by weaving some words to the time she started building her own recognition. She always had that nudge to give writing a try but, earlier resistance would always take over.

As Steven Pressfield puts it, resistance is the most toxic force on the planet. To yield to resistance deforms our spirit. Resistance stunts us and makes us less than we are. But, finally she grew determinant enough to overcome the resistance and start over. She was fascinated by poems right from her childhood because her grandpa used to recite those evergreen classics of Rabindranath Tagore and explain them to her during their time together.

May be like a tribute to her grandpa, she overcame the resistance and started writing. Being a poet, the most difficult part since the start of writing was not only the patience to sit down and write but, also the frustration when the lines didn’t sync or rhyme. Yet, to keep trying was the key. Earlier it was more of a hobby when she used to write mainly whenever something made her upset. No one even knew that she loved to rhyme the lines. But, then one day she participated in a free anthology named “The Resilient Pen” and the day the book got delivered, she felt an immense sense of satisfaction in herself and a lot of appreciation came in from her parents as well as friends. This was the move, the push she needed. Thus, she thought of taking it up professionally. The first step was starting up her own instagram page – “@joker.talkies”.

Now you would ask why Joker? The answer is based on that one line Heath Ledger said “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.” She wishes to sew the chaos around her in her words and that’s why she chose to call herself Joker. During the starting days, it was very tough to be consistent mainly. The frustration of writer’s block, the frustration of not getting proper response, the self-doubt whether she should continue to write or not – these were depressing on a whole different level.

There were days she got so anxious that she just used to sit alone silently for hours searching for ideas and words, thinking how to grow her page. But as they say – practice makes a man perfect, she read, she practiced, she wrote and she became a full-fledged poet and took her page to a larger base of audience. So, the question that lies is how do you want to take it – as a hobby or as a profession? The main difference is when you take it as a profession, you get to know your deficits, the areas where you need to be better and further along you get more room for improvement.

To sum up the article, here’s something she wrote for all the poets out there – The Poet’s Verse:

Today, I write to you a few lines,
a few wound up words, revealing the one who writes;
Yes, I am the poet or as they say – the antagonist amidst the knights.From life to death,
from heaven to hell, from morality to sins – this whole controversial agony;
I pull it together as I write – may it be a valorant glory or may it be a sinful felony.
My words can reshape the ugliest scenarios into an arcane piece of art to be restored,
Well they might be right when they say – the pen is mightier than the sword.
These eyes seem like an infinite mystery yet, the heart lies with a great starry void;
As I try to fulfill it with every inch of the splendid wonders that this world hides before being destroyed.
This universe is like a storyteller narrating a new story every single day,
And remember – wherever, there remains a will, my words shall find the way…

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