Award-Winning Book Series “The Goliath Code” takes Readers on an Exciting Roller-Coaster Journey

April 21 23:17 2022

All dystopian fiction fans have heard of the Hunger Games trilogy. But how about a book series with similar end-of-the-world narratives written from a Christian worldview? The Goliath Code series is an award-winning, post-apocalyptic, Christian Science fiction epic about a sixteen-year-old girl caught in the end times scenario predicted in the Bible. This thrilling series so far comprises three books —The Goliath Code, Prophet, and Children of the Third—with a fourth and fifth book still to come.

“A grim and unrelenting tale in the best traditions of the dystopian genre.” — Kirkus Reviews

The first book opens just as The United States is devastated by a catastrophic Yellowstone super-eruption. Millions are dead. Millions more are missing—pulled into the sky by a mysterious white light. When Sera Donner’s mother is taken by the light, she and her disabled twin brother must seek refuge in the unity of their small mountain community. But ‘survival of the fittest’ quickly becomes the new social justice, compelling neighbor to turn against neighbor in a frantic grab for precious resources, forcing Sera to use lethal means to protect the people she loves. Sera’s only comfort in the chaos is Micah Abrams, her brother’s bitter enemy. Once a violent thug, Micah now leans on faith and speaks of a glorious King that will soon come to rescue the world. Sera is desperate for hope. But can she really trust this schoolyard bully suddenly turned prophet? As the battle for control over the community reaches a fevered pitch, a powerful military leader marches into town with an imposing force, offering food, water, and promises of salvation. Everyone thinks the worst is finally over. They’re wrong.

The second book, Prophet, takes up the story of Micah Abrams. No longer the bully who tormented David Donner, he faithfully follows a divine mission to spread hope and healing across the ashy wastelands of the Pacific Northwest. But when Sera Donner is taken from him once again, doubt comes prowling for Micah’s own soul, and he makes a shocking choice that changes everything. Running from an enemy he once believed couldn’t destroy him, adrift in a lawless land where people will do anything to survive, Micah must come to grips with a God whose power is perfected in weakness. Can the fledgling prophet’s faith endure? Or will the darkest time in human history drag this chosen one of Yahweh down to destruction?

In the third book, Sera Donner has lost everything, maybe even her own humanity. She’s been denied her chance for vengeance against the praetor and her brother, and her own horrific crimes have chased her far from home. Descending into an abyss of isolation and doubt, she fears that Heaven has abandoned her. But Yahweh still has plans for the fledgling believer, plans that will thrust her to the forefront of an ancient prophecy overlooked for more than two millennia. From the devastated forests of the Pacific Northwest to the lush tropical jungles of Guam, Sera’s unflagging determination to survive the seven-year Tribulation will gain her allies, rally captives, and unite her with a powerful company of resolute warriors that will lead her to the brink of victory. But she’s harboring a terrible secret, one that could turn the tide in the fight against Ellensburg—one that could lose her the love of Micah Abrams. As a follower of Yeshua the King and one of the prophesied Sealed of Revelation, Micah is commanded to forgive others as he has been forgiven. But is it even possible to forgive the unforgivable?

The author’s realistic portrayal of a grim and unrelenting world, with a fast-paced style and suspenseful, spine-chilling elements, marks this series as one of the best entries in the dystopian genre to date. If you’re ready to dive into the darkest time in human history, you can start today with the first two books already on the market: The Goliath Code and Prophet. The third installment arrives on April 12th with Children of the Third. Order the Kindle versions now from Amazon, or buy the paperbacks wherever books are sold.

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