LI Tong, a famous medical and health expert: building a healthy “city wall” for patients

April 26 03:09 2022
Reporter: LIU Min

As the executive director of Wuhan Minsheng Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, LI Tong always starts preparing for the day’s work before other medical staff. Every day, he leads a group of newly recruited assistant doctors, observes and explains targeted cases for each patient, and conveys important practical treatment knowledge points to new medical people. LI Tong’s humorous and wise words and profound knowledge always win everyone’s applause.

In fact, LI Tong’s career started in 2009. After obtaining a doctorate in clinical medicine from Peking Union Medical College, LI Tong came to Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University to become a doctor in the vascular ultrasound room. In the past year, he has determined his future research direction – for the medical and health industry continuous efforts to develop. During this process, he kept awake at night, constantly strengthened his theoretical knowledge of medicine, and conducted a full understanding and research on various cutting-edge technologies. It can be said that LI Tong’s outstanding achievements and outstanding industry status are inseparable from his diligent efforts.

In LI Tong’s career, changing modern people’s concept of medical health has always been an important part of his work. The reason why he attaches so much importance to this issue is mainly because the probability of illness caused by modern people’s lack of attention to physical health is increasing year by year. keep rising. According to a survey by the World Health Organization, the truly healthy people in the world account for about 5%, and most modern people are in a sub-healthy or unhealthy state. According to the data released by the Chinese Ministry of Health, people in sub-health state in my country account for 73%-77% of the total population. And most modern people do not realize that they are in a sub-healthy or unhealthy state. Regarding this result, LI Tong said that obesity, bad living habits, smoking and drinking are the three major causes of sub-health. At the same time, modern people’s neglect of health screening is also one of the reasons for the high incidence of diseases. As a medical and health researcher, LI Tong knows that what he needs to do is to expand his influence in the medical and health field while focusing on the research and development of technological achievements, so as to change people’s existing incorrect concepts. So, based on the lifestyle of modern people, LI Tong has innovatively developed a “medical treatment based on natural language processing and pattern recognition” that can be installed on computers, mobile phones, self-service equipment and other terminals to provide users with medical information management and query services information Processing System V1.0″.

Compared with the query system used in our common self-service equipment, LI Tong has added a pattern recognition function to the system, opening up an intelligent era in which the health query processing system can recognize various types of complex information such as text, pictures, videos, and voices. The core modules of the system, such as image processing, speech and language information processing, brain network group, and brain-like intelligence, adopt the most effective calculation methods in the world to study human life patterns and language mechanisms. The specific patterns of objects such as electrograms, pictures, photos, text, and biosensing can be accurately identified and classified. It is worth mentioning that LI Tong integrated the decision theory method and syntactic method in pattern recognition in an all-round way. The decision theory method can realize the rapid selection, rapid identification and rapid classification of simple objects; When the recognized object is extremely complex and contains rich structural information, syntactic information can play an important role. These two intelligent methods are organically combined by Mr. LI Tong, acting on different levels of recognition objects respectively, so that the “Medical Information Processing System V1.0 Based on Natural Language Processing and Pattern Recognition” has achieved great success in the application process. good effect.

LI Tong has been in the medical and health field for many years, and many advanced technological achievements developed by him have achieved good results through practical application. In addition, due to his huge influence in the industry, he is employed by many well-known medical associations. With his unrepentant pursuit of his career, LI Tong worked tirelessly, devoted himself selflessly, poured a lot of love into ordinary positions, shed a lot of hard work, and made extraordinary achievements.

“Being the guardian of public health” is the only goal that LI Tong pursues unremittingly. In actual work, LI Tong has also fully fulfilled the mission of a medical and health expert, contributing his own strength to the medical and health cause with his high sense of responsibility and noble feelings. As the saying goes, “there is no good time in the world, just because someone is carrying the burden for us; there is no natural hero in the world, only because people need it, and someone is willing to sacrifice himself to become a hero.”

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