Mike Ideas Invents the first Human Amazon Inspired Product Page

May 05 06:40 2022

Winter Park, FL – May 4, 2022 – Photographing himself in quirky, grin-spawning product shots, Florida Creative Director Michael Diaz has made himself into an imaginary Amazon product with his newest entertaining resume. It’s a fitting example of how his studio Mike Ideas can help clients think differently about getting attention and inspiring wonder.

“I realized no one had ever REALLY photographed themselves as a product on Amazon” says diaz “So I took some funny portraits & wrote all the fun things I would tote as an Amazon product”

His Amazon resume is inspired by the search for better, online and in person. This very inspiration led to his latest passion project at Search Best Sellers. It contains a proprietary search engine that lets shoppers instantly see the 100 most-purchased Amazon products in a given category, currently impossible on Amazon. This search engine is linked within Michael’s Amazon resume and cleverly sidesteps the “sponsored products” inundating the multi-billion dollar shopping platform.

“Mike Ideas is my creative advising and multi-disciplinary design studio.” says diaz “Our work centers around purpose-driven content strategy, identity and design, illustration and insight”

The independent growth adviser, creative designer and brand strategist assists clients with every facet of their business from finding their voice and optimizing conversions to content creation and competitor research and analysis. The agency excels at creating animations, illustrations and visual approaches that boldly engage with followers on an emotional level.

Every business owner knows the importance of having a brand people trust, but few understand the importance of lateral thinking and free association on the road to creating it. In a world filled with user-friendly programs and affordable outsourcing for your “how”, Mike Ideas works directly with clients on the “what” and “why” behind the action.

When businesses create a memorable brand identity that transforms people, they are more likely to help followers feel a sense of belonging. Mike Ideas helps clients identify, plan, and execute these loyalty-building strategies during unique and innovative ideation sessions.  It’s an intentional approach that connects with potential customers to provide value, instead of speaking at them and seeking attention.

Strategy consultations with Mike Ideas inspire clients to engage for better. To value community over commodity. To appeal to their tribes’ sense of belonging, desire for value, and deliver on it in a way that makes the world better long term.

For more information, visit: mikeideas.com

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Mike Ideas is a creative advising and multi-disciplinary design studio. Their work centers around purpose-driven content strategy, identity and design, illustration and insight, engagement and websites, communications and marketing, visuals and sensory experiences.

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