Syncosystem Aims to Revolutionize Healthcare by Shifting the Control of Data from Providers, Health Record Companies, and Big Businesses to the People

May 31 15:56 2022
Syncosystem is on a mission to provide an integrated and efficient healthcare experience by letting care seekers control their health records.

Atlanta, GA, USA – Syncosystem, an innovative venture based in the US, is set to transform the healthcare industry by revamping the way electronic health records are maintained and used by various stakeholders in the industry. The company wants to empower care seekers so that they have more control over their health data and have more visibility on how the data is shared within the system to ensure greater privacy and data security.

“Appropriate medical care for patients requires that clinicians be able to access patient’s health records to understand their medical history. This also means that any significant information, diagnosis or treatment during patient’s visit is also recorded in patient’s EHR,” says Dr. Kelvin Brown, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Syncosystem. “However, in today’s disparate medical care systems, many clinicians are unable to access or update the EHR for patients. This leads to poor care and ineffective care coordination. When we transfer the control of data in the hands of the patients, they will make sure their data is available and accessible to care providers when needed.”

Syncosystem is the brainchild of Dr. Kelvin Brown, a proven entrepreneur, surgeon, author, and public health expert. Dr. Brown has over 21 years of experience in the health care industry. He founded Precision Weight Loss Center (PWLC) in 2008. Over the years, he has also founded the Vital Outreach Foundation which provides health care to those in need. Dr. Brown founded Syncosystem, Inc. which is poised to positively disrupt and impact health care, public health, and day-to-day business.

According to Dr. Brown, an overhaul of the people’s health data management is overdue. It must go beyond fixing the current EHR systems or improving interoperability. It must address the fundamental problems of data ownership and put the control back into the hands of the people.

The overhaul must also support the ability of providers to adopt the new people-driven-data business model of health care – one that rewards providers for encouraging people to play a more proactive role in their health management rather than the external systems and factors dictating and manipulating their health data.

To address these requirements, the health record systems must transition from a focus on a person’s data repository to a focus on a person’s overall health plan and from an emphasis on supporting clinical transactions to an emphasis on delivering meaningful insights to the provider and the patient.

Syncosystem is a groundbreaking new approach to managing data designed to inform, empower, and improve the lives of individuals and the success of businesses on a global level.

“Data is the new currency of our time, and at Syncosystem, we help people from all walks of life take control over their own data and personal outcomes,” says Dr. Brown. “Today, individuals have access to a treasure trove of data through powerful handheld devices equipped to measure everything from heart rate fluctuations, daily steps, location, sleep patterns, and much more. We believe that by empowering our clients to take charge of their lives by leveraging their data, Syncosystem can positively impact and improve people’s daily lives around the world”

With the progress in medical research and technology, today there is a plethora of gadgets that can constantly collect patient’s health data non-invasively. The redesigned systems should be able to seamlessly plug this data and help providers to draw a more customized health plan for their patients that takes into account variations in patient’s circumstances and preferences.

“I launched Syncosystem because we need a fair and sustainable health care system that prevents wasted spending and provides quality treatment to everyone who needs it without creating an unnecessary financial burden. It is also my belief that we need an improved, more insightful, and data-driven public health system,” adds Dr. Brown.

About Syncosystem

Syncosystem was founded on decades of experiences within health care, public health, business, analytics, and simply living life. Their team of highly skilled engineers, digital architects, financial advisors, and data specialists possess over a century of combined expertise in their respective fields and have come together to deliver a more impactful mobile shopping and data management platform that holds the power to improve the lives of others through a more informed approach to health and wellness.

For more information, reach out via the website or call them at (404)-496-6028.

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