NNB Nutrition Files New Patent of Ergothioneine’s Benefit on Preventing Muscle Degeneration

June 08 20:28 2022

MitoPrime®(L-Ergothioneine), the New“Longevity Vitamin”, is NNBs bio-perfected form of L-Ergothioneine (ET). ET is a naturally occurring thiol-histidine betaine amino acid1 that exhibits potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune strengthening, genome-protective activities, making it the first complete action cyto- and mito- protectant.

NNB Nutrition (https://nnbnutrition.com/), a cutting-edge branded ingredient supplier and creator delivering new and novel ingredients with an elite global team of scientists, announces that it has filed a PCT patent (PCT/CN2021/094813) on Ergothioneine’s benefits of preventing age-related muscle degeneration. This patent is the first to investigate MitoPrime®’s capability of attenuating the loss of muscle mass and/or strength in the mammal(humans included), as well as the capability of ameliorating motor coordination deficits and improving aging-related attenuation in running motivation.

NNB conducted 5 tests to investigate MitoPrime®’s efficacy on relieve different symptoms caused by age-related muscle degeneration. In Test 1, MitoPrime® showed benefits in enhancing grip strength, by using the rip strength meter (Bioseb Bio-GS3) with a mouse-specific wire grid (100 ×80 mm, angled 20°), once per week during the study and at the end of the study, 57BL/6J mice demonstrated age-related impairments in strength. The changes in muscle grip strength were compared to prove MitoPrime®’s effects for ameliorating and preventing the aged-muscle degeneration. In Test 2, Motor coordination deficits were performed by placing the mouse on a rotating rod and measuring how long it can maintain its balance. 57BL/6J mice demonstrated age-related motor coordination deficits. The prolonged time of maintenance on a rotating rod proved the MitoPrime® effects for ameliorating and preventing aged-muscle degeneration. In test 3&4, MitoPrime®’s benefits on improving aging-related attenuations in running motivation and Mitigating the loss of old mice muscle mass were discovered, indicating the same effect could apply to humans as well. Lastly, in test 5, MitoPrime®’s benefit’s on repairing MMP, improving ATP production, scavenging, and blocking chronic ROS were discovered, again proving that MitoPrime® is great for Mitochondria health.

The elderly are prone to malnutrition, which may be due to malabsorption and insufficient protein and energy intake, also, the elderly who lack physical activity tends to increase sedentary, on bed rest, and reduce physical activity. These phenomena increase the likelihood of developing age-related muscle degeneration. Additionally, recent studies have shown that muscle mass decreases by approximately 8% every 10 years after age 40, and further increases to 15% every 10 years after age 70. Along with the increasing trend of the aging population, age-related muscle degeneration has been recognized as a crucial health concern in the current society. Age-related muscle degeneration can cause various disadvantages. For example, it may accelerate the loss of muscle mass/strength or weight, reduce mobility (both in speed and dexterity), impair physical function, diminish the quality of life, and increase the risk of death. On the other hand, age-related muscle degeneration is associated with increased adverse outcomes including the prevalence of falls, fractures, functional decline, frailty, disability, hospitalization, care home admission, and mortality. Therefore, NNB found through research that MitoPrime® can improve the symptoms of muscle degeneration is undoubtedly an extremely important discovery in the field of dietary supplements. MitoPrime® could even be a game-changer supplement in the health care field.

About MitoPrime®

MitoPrime®, NNB’s pure Ergothioneine, is NNB Biotech’s bio-perfected form of the histone derivative L-ergothioneine now is backed by over 15 studies including clinical trials, human cell & pharma-model C Elegans. MitoPrime® L-ergothioneine is a naturally water-soluble amino acid with a powerful energy-boosting antioxidant property, which benefits in longevity, antioxidant, DNA & genomic stability, immunity boost, anti-inflammation, and cellular & organ health, and can be formulated or work as the sole active ingredient. It is 100% natural, non-GMO, and contains no additives of any kind. 

NNB believes that regulatory certification such as GRAS and FSSAI, as well as clinical trials and patents can add more value to the product itself, and also enable MitoPrime to be used more widely, such as in daily supplement, skin care, cosmetics, food, beverages etc. NNB is also looking forward to discussing with you the wider application scenarios of MitoPrime. 

Claims of MitoPrime®

MitoPrime®is capable of capable of attenuating the loss of muscle mass and/or strength, ameliorate motor coordination deficits and improve aging-related attenuations in running motivation

Can be used as an active ingredient to alleviate and prevent age-related visual degeneration in old mammals (mammals includes human)

MitoPrime® can be prepared in the form of the nutritional or drinking or pabulary or pharmaceutical composition as such and used in the food, drink, nutritional, or pharmaceutical field.

Mitigating skin aging, improved in radiance and luminosity

Antioxidant capacity is 10x better than polyphenols in fruits & vegetables

Shown 34x times more effective than glutathione

Long half-life of in antioxidant compounds, 32 days (glutathione’s half-life is 8 mins)

Eliminates DNA damaging acids

Increase Mitochondrial functionality & energy output

About NNB

NNB is the leading ingredient-driven biotech company employing over 100 research scientists from more than 10 countries who study, design, and deliver unique ingredients to our industry to maximize health, augment performance, expand longevity and enhance appearance. NNB fosters partnerships with companies in the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical research.

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