LOZICS, a Trusted Online Transport Booking and Vehicle Management System For Vehicle Management

September 27 06:28 2022
LOZICS, a highly effective transport, and logistics software, provides solutions for vehicle management.

Logistics businesses involve various procedures that require proper management and supervision. However, sometimes this might not be done efficiently due to the limited resources needed to ensure that goods and services are in appropriate order and well-monitored. LOZICS is a reliable software that provides transport and logistics companies with effective solutions that assist with managing their businesses. The software is owned by BNG Infotech Private Limited, an establishment dedicated to developing cost-effective solutions for transport, logistics, and fleet management procedures. Their logistics & transport software is GST compliant and can be used as SaaS. Through the solutions provided by the software, logistics and transport companies can digitize their business operations. Thus, the transport ERP software can be employed in businesses involving bulk carriers, fleet owners, retail/parchoon load, full truckload, automobile carriers, transport agencies, container load, and cargo & courier.

In response to a query about its solutions, the spokespersons of LOZICS commented, “The solutions provided by our software are deliberately made to help businesses be more productive. We developed the software by combining over 15 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology. Based on this, you can always trust the options and features to assist you effectively with your operations. We can proudly say that our software has helped more than 300 logistics companies with improving their business activities via its digital options. With our dedication to creating innovative ideas, we continue to provide our clients with more solution-oriented digital tools.”

LOZICS puts together features that distinctly serve specific purposes in the transport and logistics field. The software comes with different modules, and these modules are designed to make business operations seamless and easily monitored. On the software are transporting operation features such as transshipment, crossing, delivery, orders, bookings, contracts-freight, and shortages. These solutions help companies save more time, keep detailed records of their operations, and develop more strategic plans to run their business operations smoothly. The transport management software provides businesses with solutions that assist with improving business capabilities, increasing profitability, and controlling pilferages via checks & balances. Its freight forwarder options also help process data and provide expected outcomes in various logistics business areas. Therefore, companies searching for software for truck management can give LOZICS a try.

The spokesperson added, “With our freight forwarder system, you can capture additional information in consignment, generate consignment at loading site by mobile app, upload POD instantly using the mobile app, and improve process time using process cycle analytics. Our software also works as a fleet management system, enabling fleet companies to monitor every aspect of their fleet of vehicles. With this feature, companies can easily manage expenses surrounding fuel, trips, and tyres. This would help fleet owners with the timely availability of spare parts, preventive maintenance of their trucks, and many more. You can always trust us to provide you with effective solutions.”

The fleet management solutions offered on LOZICS help companies achieve timely delivery, cost control, increased revenue income, and zero breakdown time. Those who would like to know more about the objective of vehicle management system on LOZICS can visit its website.


LOZICS is a reputable transport and logistics software also regarded as a top online transport booking system.

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