Details on Canada Visa For Switzerland and UK Citizens

Details on Canada Visa For Switzerland and UK Citizens

November 09
05:55 2022

Canada Visa Application  

Visitors who are eligible to apply for a Canada eTA visa can obtain the necessary authorization from their home at any time of the day without having to travel to an embassy or consulate. Today, Canada visa applications have been replaced by the Canada eTA visa, which has the same meaning, has similar criteria and gives travelers the same permission. The Canada eTA visa is a required travel authorization you need to fly to Canada without a traditional visitor or tourist visa. With the availability of online Canada Visa Application Form, the applicant can easily apply for an eTA without going through any hurdles.

Who Requires a Visa to Enter Canada?

Entering Canada requires a visa for citizens of countries that do not have a travel authorization (eTA) or visa waiver agreement. There are approximately 148 countries that require a visa to enter Canada. Citizens of these countries must go through the visa application process depending on the reason for visiting the country. You can get different types of visas e.g., Visitor, study, work or even immigrant visas.

You must follow these easy procedures to apply for a visa to Canada:

  • Check if you’re eligible to travel to Canada
  • Check your eligibility for a Canadian visa.
  • Get the documents that show you meet the criteria for a visa
  • Create an online profile.
  • Give your fingerprints and photo (bio-metrics)
  • Put the document file together.
  • Cover the costs.
  • Wait for your Canadian visa to be processed.
  • Passport and processing costs must be submitted.

Business Visa for CANADA 

The extent of Canada’s natural beauty, from mountains and glaciers to remote lakes and forests, is nearly unmatched in the world. But Canada’s allure isn’t just about nature. Canada has cosmopolitan cities that are clean, safe, friendly and multicultural. The Canada Business Visa is a special type of visa that allows individuals who have had a successful business career in their home country and are ready for new opportunities to expand in the country or start a new business. Canada offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurial companies. With some of the largest cities in the world, a mature healthcare and financial sector, and a growing industry, Canada offers great business opportunities. To be eligible for this visa, an applicant must be employed by a Canadian company or working in Canada.

How long is the Canada Business Visa valid?

When you apply for a business visa, you will be given an initial length of stay. The Business Visa for Canada’s valid for up to three years and can be extended for an additional two years as long as your company is still active. This period can be extended to up to six years.


  • Passport & travel history
  • Background documentation
  • Documents from your company
  • Documents proving you will not be staying beyond the stipulated time
  • Completed application & consulate fees
  • Adequate medical insurance


57 different countries, including Switzerland, are exempt from applying for a short-stay Canada visa. Switzerland citizens must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA. An eTA can be applied for anywhere in the world online using a desktop, tablet or mobile device. It was introduced by Canadian authorities in 2015 to screen foreign visitors visiting the country and speed up the application process. Authorization is quick and easy and is sent securely and electronically to applicant email address. However, if you are entering the country by air, you must apply for a Canadian ETA prior to departure.


  • Passport – All applicants who want to obtain a Canada ETA must be passport holders. However, before you apply, check your passport’s expiration date because it needs to be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • E-mail address – While the Canada ETA is electronically linked to your passport, you will receive a copy of the authorization via e-mail in PDF format. You are not required to have a physical copy on you, but you can still print one out just in case you need it.
  • Means of payment– You can use a credit or debit card, and PayPal is also a valid payment method.


There are fifty countries whose citizens are exempt from a Canadian visa under this program, including the United Kingdom. This means UK citizens can apply for a Canadian eTA instead of having to apply for a Canadian tourist visa for UK citizens. The Canadian eTA was introduced in 2015 by the Canadian Immigration Service to better organize the screening of visitors and determine their right to enter the country prior to travel. Individuals entering Canada by car, bus, train or boat (including cruise ships) cannot apply for an eTA and must apply for a visitor visa at the embassy instead.


  • A British passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for the eTA fees.
  • A current email address to receive the eTA in their Inbox.


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