Jason Schuster is fast gaining popularity as a standup comedian and impressionist in Los Angeles

Jason Schuster is fast gaining popularity as a standup comedian and impressionist in Los Angeles

February 03
21:40 2023
Jason Schuster is a Standup Comedian based in Los Angeles, CA.

Jason Schuster is no less than a sensation in the standup comedy industry. For the last year, he has been an aspiring figure for LA’s top clubs like Flappers, The Comedy Store, and the HAHA Comedy Club. Comedy, undoubtedly one of the most challenging performance genres, seems like an effortless job for Jason Schuster in his performances. He possesses the art and craft of teasing people’s minds. As a comedian, Jason Schuster keeps evolving and going to multiple levels. The artist possesses the craft of keeping his audience engaged with his unique impressions and hilarious body language. He is one of the most inspired comedians in the LA Clubs.

With every stage performance, the expectation of the targeted audience is increased for the next performance, and Jason Schuster doesn’t seem to disappoint them. Being an impressionist, Jason’s primary strength is his observation. Whenever he creates the impressions of characters like George Bush, Gilbert Gottfried, Peter Griffin, Mitch McConnell, Bill Clinton, Yoda, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Dr. Fauci, and Donald Trump, it becomes pretty hard for the listeners to differentiate him from the original characters. 

Jason claims that “comedy is an earnest business where the sole purpose of a person is just to make people laugh.” He added that “there is a fragile line between joking and insulting. For which a comedian always needs to choose his words wisely.” To keep people engaged, Jason uses his words and body language to force his audience to invest their time in him. The listeners always feel free from their worries during his effortless performances.

He consistently adds more impressions to his portfolio, keeping him relevant and timeless for the upcoming years. Jason is always open to collaborating and performing at different events, subject to the artist’s availability. He is pretty active on his Instagram account as well. 

The official website of Jason Schuster provides regular updates about his upcoming shows and performances. Learn more at: https://www.jschucomedy.com

To book Jason Schuster or for more information, contact Terry Mandel (Abstract Talent Agency) at  [email protected]

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