Making Healing Possible – Stefan J. Malecek Ph.D’s Book’s New Edition Empowers Readers to Integrate Shame and Reduce Trauma

October 26 17:48 2020

Haiku, Maui, Hawai’i, USA – October 26, 2020 – Serving as a gateway for healers, and for those seeking to be healed and develop a new pathway, Stefan J. Malecek is now releasing the latest version of his book, The Crucible of Shame: Healing the Societal Roots of Addiction and “Mental Illness.” This new edition is meant as a guide for readers to let go of and healthily incorporate the traumatic effects of shame. Referring to shame as the primary emotion, Dr. Malecek debunks many societal norms and modern practices that surround and perpetuate shame and the spectrum of negative experiences that often result.

The Crucible of Shame takes a deep dive into what constitutes shame, how it is perpetrated initially in childhood and reinforced by society. He explains the many adverse impacts it has on individuals. The book offers an insightful and contemplative yet jarring and brazen look at the realities of human existence, from birth to everything beyond. Starting with the circle of life, the book addresses trauma, negative self-beliefs and the incorporation of negative emotional development that happens chronologically in the life of every person. The way most people carry an internal sense of shame hinders their true potential and imposes detrimental emotional and psychological mandates. This book also deeply explores shame’s impact on addiction in its many forms, as well as adds his voice in debunking the notion of “mental illness,” developed out of medicalized shame and serving the dysfunctional society by further marginalizing individuals.

In Part Two of the book, Dr. Malecek discusses his own healing path and methods he has used to heal his own lifelong shame that led him to many dark paths-and what it takes for a person to end that cycle and live with renewed vitality. From developing a biological understanding of trauma and “mental illness” to discussing highly effective techniques for healing, his new book provides highly comprehensive knowledge for growth, change and happiness.

Stefan J. Malecek, Ph.D. is a United States Army Viet Nam veteran and retired psychotherapist with more than 50 years’ experience. Having spent many years studying the variables that may cause trauma, addiction and mental illness in individuals from all walks of life as well as unwinding his own, Dr. Malecek believes shame to be single most common foundation. Having worked with thousands of trauma-affected clients, including veterans suffering from PTSD, Dr. Malecek has seen suffering and trauma up close and personally. This has imbued with him the insight and outlook that has the potential to help a large demographic of people around the globe who may be suffering from the lingering and still powerful effects of early trauma, whether individuals remember it or not. Stefan J. Malecek, Ph.D is available for interviews.

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