ZHAOWEI Motion Control System Optimizes Video Conferencing Performance

ZHAOWEI Motion Control System Optimizes Video Conferencing Performance

November 05
07:49 2020

ZHAOWEI Drive takes pride in introducing a precision motion control system for cameras to optimize the video conferencing performance. The development of high-efficiency drive systems with low energy requirements – the technology from ZHAOWEI has been already bringing an immersive collaborative experience with high-resolution video quality and smooth rotation.

Nowadays, video conferencing has become crucial to daily remote work. The market for video conferencing is predicted to reach $11.56 billion by 2027, a Transparency Market Research report found. Especially, the coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated remote work, resulting in professionals relying on collaboration tools more than ever. For those eager for a smooth virtual conference, a camera with responsive control and flexible & quiet rotation is even more important to hosting successful video conferences. In order to satisfy the intelligence, ZHAOWEI has designed and developed a motorized rotating camera mount control system. 

ZHAOWEI camera motion control system consists of a powerful motor adapting to the most demanding miniaturization trends and a high-precision planetary gearbox with less than 1 arc minute backlash. Gearboxes for conference cameras can be used to fine-tune the performance characteristics of a motion axis. They’re most commonly considered torque multipliers but actually serve several other functions, including speed matching, inertia reduction, and resolution increase. Properly specifying a gearbox involves taking into account machine parameters, application requirements, environmental conditions, mechanical factors, and budget. ZHAOWEI reviews the process of sizing and selecting a camera gear motor for video conference with an eye toward achieving the required performance at a reasonable price.

Video conferences are a time for people to come together to exchange ideas, discuss issues, communicate and make decisions where low noise is needed urgently. Videoconferencing partners will also appreciate the added quiet. A quieter gear motor for motorized rotating camera mount matters a lot. In pursuit of providing an extraordinarily smooth motor control, reducing the noise from the gear transmission, and minimizing backlash, the structural design of the entire gearbox is optimized to control the gear backlash within a small arc to reduce the noise of the product. Based on a series of reliable tests like noise & vibration analysis, thermal shock test, salt spray test, etc., this motion control system effectively contributes to a leap forward in longer service life and better characteristics.

The motorized camera empowered by ZHAOWEI is capable of being operated by remote control instead of the manual operation in the video conferences. No longer need to walk around to adjust the camera while conducting a video conference. It rotates horizontally and vertically under the action of the voltage control, enabling the camera to intelligently focus and capture the desired object for observation over a wide range. Adding the advanced PTZ rotation technology to the design, ZHAOWEI makes the design visually appealing while shielding the motor noise of the motorized PTZ camera so that the conference participants are not distracted by it.

ZHAOWEI motion control system for conference cameras is a drive unit that can be easily attached to the cameras for accurate, smart and clear facial expression capturing. It firmly adapts to the most demanding miniaturization trends. Confronted with the challenges like lightweight, easy assembly of the modules, and a solid look and feel to the end product, ZHAOWEI has improved planetary gearhead family. The gearheads are available with motor-compliant diameters and offer reduction ratios with extremely fine graduations in up to 4 stages. Each stage was optimized for high performance with respect to torque and speed. Characterized by compact dimensions, high torque and very fine graduations of the numerous gear ratios, it is robust and tolerates both frequent as well as sudden load changes. The gearheads operate with high efficiency, which can be combined with many different motors and enable various shaft configurations.

The motorized PTZ camera is possible to easily bring everyone in picture and grasp the details clearly even in a larger space. By combining the high-resolution and wide range of intelligent rotation that can be achieved by ZHAOWEI nowadays, an immersive and smooth collaborative experience can easily be compiled.

“We are happy to make an active contribution to video conferencing equipment industry with reliable performance, quiet operation and great comfort. This motion control system shows brilliant performance in reducing the motor’s rotational speed as appropriate and increasing the output torque, so as to simplify the camera operation in conferences. As a trusted partner, we provide both standard and custom drive systems to better serve each customer,” said the Product Director of ZHAOWEI.

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