Traffic Technologies FZCO developing ILYAS traffic management platform is now a member of Stankevicius Group

May 07 03:51 2021
ILYAS traffic management tech firm is now a member of Stankevicius Group

Traffic Technologies FZCO is developing a hi-tech traffic management system with a new customized hardware and software connected with satellite, and integrated and run with 5G.

The company’s developed traffic system is called ILYAS. ILYAS is designed and structured in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

ILYAS prioritizes safety and security on the road and aims to disrupt traffic culture. ILYAS end-user features include:

 Traffic monitoring and generating financial reports.

  1. Allowing users to make substantial savings in operational costs though having total real-time visibility of staff & vehicles, enabling you to minimize wasted time and labor costs.
  2. Enabling payments for gas, Salik, and parking. All from the same account.
  3. Allowing users to get access to detailed live location maps and vehicle positioning accuracy up to 1cm.

ILYAS maximized efficiency in the business while on the road. For companies this means:

  1. Reducing spending in shipping and insurance, and increasing revenue by improving the local economy
  2. Improving commercial profitability by reducing congestion based wasted man hours
  3. Accessing valuable data to enable better allocation of resources and monitors real-time traffic data
  4. Preventing schemes of destroying cars for insurance compensation

ILYAS network is a platform connecting individuals, private companies and governments within the transportation industry. Designed for business growth and promotion of each network member.

Ideal for: a) Insurance companies, b) Transportation companies and c) Governments

Early joiners of ILYAS network get:

  1. Access to more market opportunities and a variety of features at zero cost
  2. 10% discount on tablets for own use or re-sell purposes
  3. 30% discount on IOT services for 3 years
  4. 50% discount on ads for 3 years

ILYAS is your best partner for customized need fulfillment and specific access to exclusive driver’s data such as driver history data, driver asset data.

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ILYAS is a member of Stankevicius Group. Stankevicius Group is focusing on mainstream industries including technology development, advertising and public relations, general trading, and financial services.

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