Meckiss has emerged, “skincare and remove makeup” has become an invisible growth point

June 11 00:48 2021

Nowadays, make-up becomes important in beauty market, and makeup removal echoes it. Meckiss changed the inherent cognition of “makeup remover hurts skin”, Meanwhile, removing makeup and nourishing skin. 

Meckiss Restores the Beauty of Women’s Skin

Now many make-up brands have their own place. Makeup removing has become a new focus as consumers’ skincare awareness matures.

Meckiss focuses on makeup removal, contributing enough sincerity to satisfy consumers. We are committed to giving skincare to everyone who loves beauty, so that consumers can enjoy the effect of skincare,cultivate elegance and confidence from inside out. This way has a human touch, shortens the distance with consumers, generates trust in products,intuitively conveys brand culture and image.

Dig deep into makeup remover and satisfy different consumers

Consumers’ emphasis on makeup remover has led to the emergence of makeup remover products to different skin types. Innovative products in oil control, anti-sensitivity and natural ingredients have become the favorite.

Meckiss rainbow three layers cleansing oil appears in the public’s field of vision and stands out due to its unique color and taste. Bisabolol can resist bacteria and inflammation,make-up on eyes and lips can be removed, achieving the combination of makeup remover and skincare.

Meckiss makeup remover also adds skin-nourishing concepts, such as yeast polypeptide that proliferates new collagen, acetylhexapeptide-8 that smooths wrinkles, ginkgo mistletoe leaves and tea extracts that relieve skin and redness and irritation, etc. to remove makeup and nourish skin at the same time.

“Nourishing skin and removing makeup” has become the core development route of Meckiss

With the concept of “makeup removal is the first step in skincare” deeply rooted in the hearts of people, Meckiss successfully captured the consumer’s pursuit trend of skincare and makeup removal, became the first batch of practitioners.

Makeup remover brands have taken cleaning as their selling point for many years, now they have upgraded their skincare effects, “makeup remover and skincare” has become a new trend in the market. Meckiss’s market-based foundation is to show quality with efficacy. Its core development route is that all makeup remover products are aimed at nourishing skin.

Meckiss mastered the essence of makeup remover from the beginning, let the brand stand out among many makeup remover brands. In the future, we will continue to produce Cleansing Mousse, Cleansing Mud Mssk, etc. to prepare consumers for great skincare service.

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