17-year-old designer Cindy Zhang held her first fashion show, demonstrating the power of young designers

August 11 22:40 2022

If given a chance, how would you present your most beautiful dream in reality? On August 3, 2022, Cindy Zhang, the founder and the chief designer of her eponymous brand Cindie Zhang, held her first solo show at the Mocha Art Center in Beijing, China. With Cindy’s dream 2022 being the theme of this show, Zhang led the guests on a dream tour and presented an audio-visual feast featuring fantasy clothing and stunning visual effects.

Teenage girls have as many future possibilities as their expectations. For her first solo show, Cindy Zhang oriented her designs to girls aged fifteen to twenty, who love to dream and explore, and are full of curiosity about the adult world. Zhang thrives to integrate the unique characters of girls of this age group into the spirit of her brand, helping the brand grow as vibrantly as the growth of an enthusiastic youth with infinite potential. Influenced by the fashion in ancient Rome, Florence and Florida, Zhang’s meticulous attention to details and her emphasis on crafting techniques support the extraordinary quality of the brand Cindie Zhang. The dreamlike show highlighted these remarkable brand features by showcasing clothes with trendy silhouettes, technical textiles, exquisite crafting techniques, and artistic patterns, which reflected Zhang’s taste of fashion in a comprehensive and multidimensional manner.

Zhang’s first solo show presented the theme Cindy’s dream 2022 vividly using five elements, namely the romantic Rome, blue starry sky, yellow butterflies, pink Barbie, and pure whiteness. Her pieces demonstrate high street fashion combined with a sense of aestheticism, reflecting Zhang’s attitude towards contemporary fashion through the oversized tailoring style and the exquisite craftsmanship. The clothes are not only design-oriented, but also practical and detailed-focused, in line with a fresh and energetic brand perception.

The brand Cindie Zhang uses its clothing to express the dreams of teenage girls, writing a new chapter in affordable luxury fashion. Zhang’s innovative mindset developed during her experience of living abroad, along with her sense of identity and belonging to the Chinese culture, has helped her develop a unique taste of fashion. As a Gen Z fashion designer artistically trained since childhood, Zhang has a solid foundation for building her own clothing brand.

In 2018, Zhang walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in the US, where she met top designers from all over the world and was determined to create her own fashion brand. Pursuing her ardent dream and passion, Zhang combined traditional Chinese art with contemporary fashion in the brand Cindie Zhang.  

Fashion is art, a form of art that can be considered comparable to painting, sculpture, and architecture. What makes the brand stand out is the combination of Zhang’s enthusiastic, outspoken, and sincere personality with the modesty and perseverance owned by Chinese culture. Zhang, the core spirit of the brand, forms the unique brand attitude of pursuing self-realization and freedom. The brand Cindie Zhang promotes courage and love among teenage girls and hopes their clothes can empower every young girl to express themselves freely and confidently. Cindy Zhang, an ode to the enchantment of endless romance.

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